As one of leading manufacturer of Ventilation products in China, Uniair Ventilation Factory enjoyed an excellent reputation in our clients all around the world.
With a background of more than 15 years of specializes in researching, designing and producing top quality ventilation products, we have professional technician team to ensures our leading position in technology. We can supply complete range of ventilation products such as:
1.Aluminium flexible duct (insulated and non-insulated)
2.PET flexible duct (insulated and non-insulated)
3.Semi-rigid flexible duct (for kitchen ventilation)
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    fiberglass board
    fiberglass duct
Flexible duct
    Square inner duct
Aluminium air diffuser
    Double deflection grille
    Single deflection grille
Air damper
    Volume control damper1
    Volume control damper 2
Round air valve
    Jet diffuser
    Swirl air diffuser
    vibration eliminator connector
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